Sunday, February 10, 2013

skincare routine

This isn't really a skincare routine post, but more of the products I rotate between, I use different ones depending on what I feel like my skin needs. I have pretty normal skin, not dry usually, if anything slightly oily. These products are keeping my skin mostly trouble free. 
products left to right

st ives green tea scrub ( 
yes to cucumbers gentle milk cleanser ( for when my skin is dry) 
formula 10.0.6. so totally clean (I use this to take off my makeup before I wash my face.) 
Burt's Bees garden tomato toner (this keeps my redness down, and seriously decreases blackheads.
Burt's Bees radiance eye cream with royal jelly (moisturizing, but dries to a matte finish)
Mario Badescu drying lotion (quickly gets rid of spots)
formula 10.0.6. deep down detox mud mask ( makes skin feel super soft and clear, clears skin, and smells lovely)
Yes to cucumbers daily calming moisturizer (keeps skin soft and doesn't cause breakouts)
Simple eye makeup remover (doesn't irritate eyes) 

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