Wednesday, December 5, 2012

scent of the season- ginger

I've always loved ginger. Ginger on my sushi, Fever Tree ginger ale in tiny glass bottles, ginger snaps, gingerbread... you get the idea. however, this season I've been finding that everyone else must be loving it too, because it's everywhere. Food, bath products, you name it. Philosophy has several ginger products this year that I'm dying to try. Anyway here's just a few of the ginger things I'm obsessed with.

The body shop's ginger sparkle body wash and body butter. I mentioned this in my favorites, but again, if you love the smell of ginger, this is perfect. It's not a fake ginger, not a spiced ginger, or a really sweet ginger, just a perfect, ginger ale ginger.

Organic fair trade gingerbread spice milk chocolate. This tastes exactly like gingerbread. The really spicy, awesome homemade kind. Except its chocolate. So, really, two of the best thing in one lovely, organic bar.

Fever Tree ginger ale. Though commonly used as a spritzer, I drink them as they are. They are an amazing, super spicy, wake you up ginger ale. The packaging is also SO SO SO beautiful, they're pretty enough to leave on a decorative table.


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