Monday, March 25, 2013

food for thought: skinny tips

Cut carbs and sugars. Stick to proteins and good fats ( like avocado and olive oil ) Even if they are higher calorie, they keep you full longer, and don't spike insulin levels. Eat several small meals, instead of 3 larger ones.

Foods to eat. ( these are not necessarily all the mot healthful foods, just the ones that help loose or maintain weight.

Avocado- it's super yummy, keeps you full, and is all the right kinds of calories.

Think Thin bars- gluten free, 20 grams of protein, and no sugar. Plus, they taste like a candy bar. I highly recommend the chocolate fudge flavor.

Sugar free carbonated beverages- maybe not THE healthiest thing ever, but it really does help with sugar cravings, keep you from getting hungry, and there are some that are better than their sugar filled counterparts. Aka cherry coke zero. Enough said.

Popcorn. Not microwave popcorn, the amazing, stovetop kind. Use a healthy oil, and add a little salt. It's a party food so it feels fun, but it's super low calorie. You can even add cocoa powder, spices, or a little Parmesan.

Bell peppers - think of them as chips. Use these instead of the bad fat and carb filled chips you might usually grace your guac with.

Greek yogurt- boosts the metabolism, is super tasty, and has all sorts of other awesome benefits. It's a win win. my favorite is Chobani peach. So good.

Coffee or sugar free red bull- don't judge. If you're an athlete, they improve performance, they speed the metabolism and give you energy, get rid of headaches, and get off water weight. Seriously, what isn't to love?

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