Friday, March 8, 2013

woodsy scents.

So, I absolutely love the smell of the woods. Pine, and cedar, and the smell of grass after a rain. But, for some reason, body wash/ deodorant/ fragrance companies generally think women only like fruity, or floral, or vanilla in scents. And I do. I have a ridiculous number of rose, grapefruit, cherry blossom...ect body washes, but sometimes I want something different. That's when I buy things targeted towards men. They oftentimes aren't incredibly masculine, and usually smell like a forest, mixed with spices. The packaging often leaves something to be desired, but, we cope. Here are my favorites. (I also love the Jack Black line, their lip balms are AMAZING. )

Burt's Bees natural body care for men body wash. This has bergamot, patchouli, cedar, and fir oils, and smells fresh, definitely the lightest one of the three scents.

Neutrogina rainbath. This isn't just for men, it's rather a gender less body wash, but it definitely a woodsy, spicy scent that reminds me of some oriental incense I used to have.

Old Spice pure sport. This just smells so good. Maybe I'm weird, but I absolutely love the scent, for guys or girls. It works extremely well, even after 8 hours dancing.

So, what are your favorite woodsy products?

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