Friday, March 8, 2013

review: L'oreal color caresse wet shine stain

Ok. So I completely caved to the hype on this one. And I'm so glad I did. Lets start with the packaging. It's a gold tube, and the band of color is actually the product showing, not colored plastic, so you get to see the color of the product straight away. The applicator is a tear drop, and is shaped really nicely for precise application. The next thing you notice. The scent. Oh. My. Goodness. Roses. This smells so incredible. Not overpowering, but just enough that you get little whiffs throughout the day. The colors range: you have a pretty good selection, several neutrals, pale pinks, rose and lilacs, brights, and deeps. When you first put this on it feels...expensive. That's my best adjective. It feels like water at first, then dries down to a slightly firmer consistency. You can just apply one layer, which gets sheer color and a bit of shine, or wait for the first layer to dry and add another, which deepens the color, and adds more shine. The shine lasts several hours, and survives eating and drinking. The color is literally there all day. L'oreal is the parent company of YSL, so these are rumored to be exactly the same formula as the YSL glossy stains. I tend to agree.

Rating: 10 of 10

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