Monday, March 11, 2013

review: bouncy blush

So, these have been out for a while, and I already had 2, but I just couldn't resist picking up another one. I know some people in the blogging community didn't like them for lack of pigmentation, however, I am as nearly as pale as is possible, so they show up perfectly on my skin. It's actually not too hard for me to overdo them. The two colors I had gotten previously, I didn't think we're quite right for me shade wise, and I ended up giving them to my sister. This time around, I picked up peach satin. In the summer, I always love peachy pinks for lips and cheeks, and this is the perfect shade. These stay on my skin until I take my makeup off, and survive a workout, ballet, or a really warm day. The top swatch is less blended, the lower, a more blended, sheerer swatch.

My Rating: 8 of 10

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