Tuesday, January 15, 2013

7 deadly sins of beauty tag

I was tagged in this by a blogger friend at Sugar to Glitter, so I thought I would give it a go.

GREED. what is your most inexpensive beauty product? your most expensive.
Most inexpensive would be formula 10.0.6 so totally clean cleanser and deep down detox mud mask. I think these were like $5 each. (more on these in my next post)
Most expensive would probably be my Bobbi Brown shimmer brick in beige, around $40.

WRATH. what product do you have a love hate relationship with?
Probably liquid eyeliner. It gives the most gorgeous clean line, but it really can be a pain to put on.

GLUTTONY. what are your most delicious beauty products?
Definitely my Body Shop body butters. I use them at night and I always wake up to softly scented sheets.

SLOTH. what product do you neglect due to laziness.
Conditioner or hair oil, and eye cream. Clearly my moisturizing needs work.

PRIDE. what product gives you the most confidence?
eyeliner, probably. I think it can really change your look and balance the face.

LUST. What attributes do you find attractive in the opposite sex?
Why is this question even on a beauty tag? Anyway, physically, dark hair and leanness. We cant even begin to cover character wise.

ENVY. what product would you like to receive as a gift?
I love getting eye palettes as gifts.


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