Sunday, January 13, 2013

little places

I, personally, need my room I be clean, and have little areas that show what I like, my personality, but still keep the overall space serene.
I have a tray where I keep my jewelry box, a Paddywax travel often: Paris candle, a pen a friend made me, and a little bowl with some lovely rose hair pins given to me by a friend.

I have next to that a stack of fashion and beauty magazines and books, several teen vogue, allure, vanity fair, and Elle, along with cupcakes and cashmere by Emily Schuman, and Parisian Chic.

I have a corner where I keep my books, non school related. A briefcase my dad gave me, a candle, some books on perfumery, some J. R. R. Tolkien books, and some classics.

I have a bureau, inside is a cork board with a dry erase board, pictures, and inspirational quotes.

On a shelf inside is a box I finished myself, and burned my symbol into, a candle, and a crystal. Inside the box are all my essential oils for making perfume.

Lastly, on my nightstand, I keep a restoration hardware silver fan, an origins Ginger Rush hand cream, a Tokyomilk le petite 02 candle, and a Lucia mini candle.

Anyway, I love seeing posts like these on other blogs, so I thought I would do one myself. Have a wonderful week!

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