Tuesday, January 8, 2013

favorite winter scents, continued.

In my last post I wrote about my favorite winter body washes, now I'll show you my favorite body butters, lotions, and fragrances. I do use other scents during the winter, but these are the ones the epitomize winter in my mind.

The body shop's chiffon sheer white musk:
I spritz this onto my hair usually. It has a subtle, musky, clean yet masculine scent.

Kuumba made amber paste: I can't even explain. For those of you that are familiar with Bath and Body works Moroccan Market candle, I recently sniffed it and this sort of smells like that. It's a very arabian, heavy, resinous scent that lasts through showering. It usually stays on my skin for about 32 hours. I also mixed some of this into a fragrance free body lotion that I apply at night. I highly recommend visiting your local whole foods, or the kuumba made website and checking this out.

The body shop's ginger sparkle body butter, and Origins ginger rush body cream. These are similar, and you'll probably find it easier to pick up the origins one, as the body shops ginger only comes out around the holidays. This is the perfect clean, cozy ginger scent. I absolutely love these anytime of year.

The body shops almond body butter:
I think this is being discontinued. Which makes me incredibly sad, if anyone has any awesome almond suggestions they would be most welcome. Anyway, this is just a yummy, sweet almond scent that is warm enough for the holidays, but Greg enough to use in the summer. Not to mention its incredibly moisturizing.

What are you all's favorite scents to use this time of year?

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