Saturday, January 12, 2013

cream eye shadows

I absolutely LOVE cream eyeshadows. I think they're a must if you're going to wear eyeshadow ( either that or an eyeshadow primer) but I find I prefer the texture of these. I have two Bobbi Brown ones, a MAC paint pot, and two Color Tattoo ones. I wouldn't say I use any of them more than the other, except I don't use bold gold very often at all. All of these set completely, and keep shadows in place for about 24 hours on me.

Swatches are in order listed.

Bone: a very pale ivory shade, perfect for blanking out the lid. I really like the texture, you just have to blend out well, and keep lids moisturized.

Ballet pink: a really pretty pinkish nude shade, perfect on it's own, or for warming cool shades.

Rubesesque: I love this up to the brow bone, on its own, or paired with grey eyeshadow as a hot/cold contrast.

Bold Gold: This one is a cool, almost green gold. The texture is a little too dry, and the texture too chunky, glittery.

Bad to the Bronze: This is the most gorgeous crease shade, It's a cool bronzy shade that pairs wonderfully with sheer shimmery golden shades.

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