Thursday, January 3, 2013

my MAC eyeshadows

Somehow MAC is just magnetic. Maybe it's the packaging, the plethora of colors, the back to MAC concept, I really have no idea. The past couple years I've gotten several shadows, as well as a blush, and highlighter, but more of that later. Anyway, here are my MAC shadows, searched. Currently I have one MAC quad pallet, and 5 de-potted and magnetized shadows that are about to get a home in one of the larger palettes.

Left to right:
Blank type, copperplate, saddle, steamy, tilt.
Shadowy lady, beauty marked, contrast.
I forgot to swatch bottle green, it's a pro color, so not available at the counters, only in pro stores. It's the darkest color in the quad, and swatches exactly like it looks in the picture.

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